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King of Shadows by Susan Cooper is a wonderful children’s book, not only for kids.

king_of_shadows_coverNat Field is a boy actor who visits London with his American drama group to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe Theatre. But soon, Nat falls ill and while he lies in isolation in the Guy’s Hospital in today’s London another wakes up in London of the year 1599 and is drawn into different reahearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream alongside William Shakespeare himself. He has difficulties to get along in the age of Shakespeare and to find out who he is supposed to be in this London of the past but he astonished when he first meets William Shakespeare alive.

It’s a great book not only about A Midsummer Night’s Dream but also about Shakespeare and the age of him. You get drawn into an London of the Elizabethian age and get to know the life at that time and the life on and behind the stage of The Globe Theater. Kings of Shadows has casted a spell over me and I’ve to admit that I become a big fan of Shakespeare since I’ve read this book.


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