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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on 19 January 1809 in Boston (Massachusetts). He was educated in Virgina and England as a child. It was during his later years at West Point that he showed a remarkable propensity for writing prose. Indeed, Edgar Edgar Allan Poeallan Poe’s first love was poetry, although he was unable to make a living at it early on, he was able to publish two small volumes during these early years.

Only after becoming an assistant editor in Richmond, Virginia, in 1835 did Poe’s literary talents start to blossom. It was at this time in his life that Poe fell in love with his 13-year-old cousin Virginia. Their marriage forced him to find a source of income. When the editor of the Messenger offered employment, Poe eagerly accepted. During his tenure at the Messenger, Edgar Allan Poe was an editor as well as a contributor. In early 1836, Poe was credited with between 80 and 90 reviews, six poems, four essays and three stories, not to mention editiorials and commentaries.

In 1841, Edgar Allan Poe began working for a man named George Graham. At this time, Poe was preparing his famous work, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” for publication. It was during these years in Philadelphia that Poe published such trademark horror tales as “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and “The Pit and The Pendulum”. It was not until the 1845 publication of Poe’s famous poem “The Raven” that he achieved the true rise to fame that had been denied him until then. The public’s reaction to the poem brought Poe to a new level of recognition. In February 1847, Poe’s young wife died of consumption. Poe was devastated by her death and penned these words:

“Deep in earth my love is lying and I must weep alone.”

During the following years Poe’s life was taking a steady turn downward. He suffered through a suicide attempt, several failed romances and engagements, and a largely unsuccessful attempt to resurrect his failing career after a long bout with alcoholism and depression. Edgar Allan Poe died at the age of 40 on 7 Ocobter 1849 in Baltimore. Although the exact circumstances of his death remain unknown, it seems clear that his death can be attributed to the effects of alcoholism.


Some of Edgar Allan Poe’s works:
1839 The Fall Of The House Of Usher
1841 The Murdes In The Rue Morgue
1843 The Gold-Bug
1843 The Black Cat
1843 The Tell-Tale Heart
1845 The Raven
1850 Eleonora


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