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California – Five women decide to start a “Jane Austen Book Club”. There is Sylvia who is left by her husband after plenty of years, her lesbian daughter Allegra in her early twenties who enjoys to live in a way of “no risk, no fun” and only wants to solace her mother. Moreover there is Bernadette, a strong woman and a good friend who has the idea for the club, Prudie who is a young and unhappy married french teacher in high school and Jocelyn, a single woman who only lives for her dogs and who accidently gets to knwo Grigg, a young man who is more interested in sci-fi then in romantic literature but hopes to get on with Jocelyn by joining the book club. Jocelyn’s idea of inviting Grigg to the club was to set him up with Sylvia in order that she gets over her divorce but as it’s mostly in reallife the things are going to be different…

At their first meeting everyone chooses one of Austen’s books. First thing first, they start reading all those books and meet regularly to discuss the books but none of them realise that all their lifes start to be similar to the life of one of Austen’s characters.

Bernadette = Mrs. Gradiner in Pride and Prejudice
Sylvia = Fanny Price in Mansfield Park
Allegra = Marianne in Sense and Sensibility
Prudie = Anna Elliot in Persuasion (cf. prude)
Jocelyn = Emma in Emma
Grigg = represents all the misunderstood male characters in Austen’s novels

It’s a brilliant film for all the bookworms out there, lovers of romantic stories and of course especially for those who love Jane Austen’s novels. Enjoy it!


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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of comments from mostly American people who can’t imagine what handball is. There were answers like “it’s like soccer but with hands instead of feet” or “it’s a mix between soccer and basketball” …!!

Ok.. Attention please! It’s neither like soccer nor like basketball. It’s a totally different and independent sport! And it’s actually an European sport!!! 🙂

Imagine a court 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. There is a goal (3 meters wide and 2 meters high) on the left end and on the right end of the court. There are two teams each of 6 court players and one goalkeeper who is also allowed to attack. There is a ball called ‘handball’ which has a circumference of circa 55-60 centimeter. The player stop, catch, throw, bounce and strike the ball in any direction, with any part of the body above the knees – in first place with the hands.  A match lasts two periods of 30 minutes and it has a half-time break of 10 minutes.

Some details: In front of each goal is a semi-circle line surrounding the goal in a distance of 6 meters. This area is called crease and only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to be inside. There is one exception: an attacking player who has the ball is allowed to jump into this area to score a goal but the ball must have left his hand before he gets in contact with the ground.

Two more lines are there in front of the goal – the seven-meter line and the free-throw line. Should a defender contact an attacker in the goal perimeter, his team is penalized with a direct attempt at the goal, with only one attacker on the seven-meter line and the defending goalkeeper involved.

The free-throw line which is a dashed semicircular line nine meters from the goal. The play is restarted after a fault with all attacking players outside this line, and the defensive players at least three meters from the ball. Play restarts at the site of the fault unless the fault is inside this region, in which case play restarts at the nearest point on this nine meter line.

After a goal, the team conceding the goal restarts the game with a pass off from center court.

The whole match consists of attacks and defenses. While one team attacks the goal of the other team the attacked team defends its goal. When a defending player can catch the ball, they take turns and the team who was defending before starts an attack while the other team defends its own goal. It’s a fast and maybe a bit a rough game.

There are much more details and rules but these are the most important ones to understand the game.

By the way, Gro Hammerseng, the woman with the Nr. 10, who has the ball in the pictures was voted as World Handball Player of the year 2007!!

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