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Miss Marple

Miss MarpleMiss Jane Marple, an accomplished spinster who lives in a conservative british village called “St. Mary Mead”. She is a literary character in different detective stories and short stories of Agatha Christie. During forty years there were about sixteen homicides, four attempted murder, five robberies eight defalcations and some extortions. All this criminal cases were unraveled by Miss Marple!

The old woman became famous at last by four picturisations of four of Christie’s novels in which Miss Marple is played by Magaret Rutherford. The movies became very popular and were also translated in different languages.

1661  Murder She Said
1963  Murer at the Gallop
1964  Murder Most Foul
1964  Murder Ahoy


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Huckleberry Finn

One of Mark Twain’s most famous act is “Huckleberry Finn”. Huck is a young boy who loves adventures and who lives in the house of the godly sisters Douglas and Watson. One day he outwit the whole village because he want to dispose his father who is an alcoholic and Huck doesn’t bear longer with the old ladies. Together with the slave Jim he escapes on a float. During their journey on the Mississippi they get to know different people -knaves, impostors and other criminals. When Jim was imprisoned Huckleberry and his friend Tom Sawyer work out a plan to liberate the slave…

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